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Her Life Unscripted is the podcast for burnt out, stressed out and stretched thin women looking for inspiration as they embrace the unscriptedness of life. Your host, Anna Osborn, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, is a wife, momma of toddler twins and business owner who specializes in relationships and building a collective voice for women. Anna Osborn, LMFT, interviews female entrepreneurs, working and stay at home moms and women whose work is dedicated to supporting and creating community for other women. Her Life Unscripted podcast is about support, love, encouragement and being brave, even when life gets hard.
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Jul 29, 2016

Episode 10: Great Expectations

On today’s show I talk about the even the greatest of expectations can leave us feeling like we’ve failed or come up short.  I discuss the cycle women can get trapped in of giving to everyone else and nothing to ourselves.

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Jul 26, 2016

Episode 09: A New Relationship: Co-Parenting After Divorce

On today’s show I talk with the gracious and talented Nicol Stolar-Peterson about her work with women navigating challenging co-parenting relationships.  Nicol uses her knowledge to help coach and consult with parents who need extra help as they go through custody and divorce issues focus on their goals and see a positive impact in court.  She’s an also an expert witness in Family Law Court and specializes in child abuse and maltreatment. In this episode, Nicol describes the important yet difficult transition into a co-parenting relationship with your ex and how to take it one day at a time.  Listen in to find out how you can forgive yourself through the healing process of divorce and co-parenting.  And how you can continue to model healthy relationships to your kids post divorce.

You can follow Nicol Stolar-Peterson and her work at

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Jul 22, 2016

Episode 08: Hustling for Self-Worth

On today’s show I talk about the slippery slope of looking for our self-worth in others.  I explore the term, “Hustling for Self-Worth” and the power of knowing our worth without looking towards accomplishments, accolades or relationships to validate us.

Listen in to see if you can be part of the collective “YES” when it comes to stopping the hustle!  Want access to the full show notes and resources mentioned in the episode? Click here to grab em'! 


Jul 19, 2016

Episode 07: Finding The Constant In Change~ with special guest Dr. Maelisa Hall

On today’s show I talk with the amazing Dr. Maelisa Hall about her growing up as a military brat and being the wife of a veteran.  Maelisa is a licensed psychologist and shares about the tremendous changes and moves she went through growing up as a kid in the military and how it gave her the tremendous skill of embracing change.  Maelisa describes the concept behind building “circles” as ways to create support and manage change.  Listen in to find out how we can use the simple process of building circles in our lives to get the support we need in our unscripted lives.

You can follow Dr. Hall and her work at

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Jul 15, 2016

Episode 06: From Defeated to Hopeful

On today’s show I talk about how the power of our thoughts can take us from feeling defeated to hopeful.  I explore the amazing Super Soul Session with Marie Forleo and her unstoppable mindset.  You can find the entire Super Soul Session at but listen here first so you can really dig in on how you may already be using this unstoppable mindest to help you live your beautiful and messy unscripted life.

Listen in to find out how you answer the biggest question of all, what could you do with an unstoppable mindset?

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Jul 12, 2016

Episode 05: Entrepreneur in Love: How to Navigate Love Relationships with Lorena Duncan, LMFT

On today’s show I talk with the lovely Lorena Duncan about her work as a Gottman Certified Couples Therapist and her speciality of working with entrepreneurial couples. She shares about her personal and professional journey through entrepreneurship and common obstacles for entrepreneurs in love. Listen in to find out how we can create glue in our love relationships by doing small things often.

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Jul 8, 2016

Episode 04: A Thousand Different Ways

EXPLICIT: It’s not hard core cursing, but there’s still some cursing :)

On today’s show I talk about the slicing nature of criticism and explore why this seems to be an epidemic amongst women. We dissect a great quote by Elizabeth Gilbert and use her true words to lessen the divide of the coulda, shoulda, woulda’s.  Listen in to find out how you can distance yourself from the emotional impact of criticism.

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Jul 5, 2016

Episode 03: What is Unscripted?

On today’s show I talk about the definition of unscripted and how important is as a “practice” rather than a destination.  I also explore whether or not we’re supposed to look for meaning in our unscripted journey and how it can distort the way we see the world.  Listen in to also find out how you can find the choice in the tragedy.

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