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Her Life Unscripted is the podcast for burnt out, stressed out and stretched thin women looking for inspiration as they embrace the unscriptedness of life. Your host, Anna Osborn, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, is a wife, momma of toddler twins and business owner who specializes in relationships and building a collective voice for women. Anna Osborn, LMFT, interviews female entrepreneurs, working and stay at home moms and women whose work is dedicated to supporting and creating community for other women. Her Life Unscripted podcast is about support, love, encouragement and being brave, even when life gets hard.
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Dec 27, 2016

Episode 36: 

Giving is one of the most amazing things we can do. We have to be aware of when we are giving vs when we are giving up. 


In today's episode, we are talking about 3 ways you can give to others abundantly without giving up yourself along the way. It's a tendency that many women have as natural caretakers. Our ability to give requires that we not sacrifice too much of ourselves along the way, lest we have nothing left to give.

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Dec 20, 2016

Episode 35: 

Achieving greatness in our lives is about giving and not about achieving a status. Many times we are called upon to give and we may already come from a place of being depleted. The temptation to think "enough is enough" may cross your mind.

Today, we're talking about 3 ways to shift your mindset from a place of an exasperated "enough is enough" to a place where you realize what you have is enough and what you can give is enough, and that is perfectly ok.

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Dec 13, 2016

Episode 32: Creating a Life of Greatness

We all want to achieve greatness in our lives. Society tends to define greatness as status. Achieving greatness in our lives is about being of service to others. To me, this is a universal truth - giving to others and greatness.

Being great doesn’t mean being perfect. It’s about what we do, rather than something that we are. It’s not some overwhelming or impossible to achieve idea. 

Learn how a purposeful life can create a ripple effect and reach many others.  Want to access the full show notes? Click here to get em'.

Dec 6, 2016

It's easy to think about giving during the Holidays. Today and all month, we are focusing on non-profit organizations that are doing great work in their communities. Today, Executive Director Beth Hassett is on to talk about her organization's work with victims of domestic abuse, domestic violence, and even sex trafficking. These crisis events don't take a holiday, so Weave continues their important work year around, just as they have done for the last 38 years. 

If you are looking for projects to give to during the holidays, we also talk about how you can help Weave as they allow their clients to provide Christmas toys and gifts to the children involved in these difficult circumstances. It can only happen because of your generosity!

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Nov 29, 2016

Episode 32: The Toxic Effects of Shame

Shame is such a powerful feeling and one that can be so destructive in our lives. On today’s episode we dive into shame and explore not only how it impacts our lives, but those around us. We look at the worldview of good people doing bad things versus bad people doing bad things.  

Learn how shame can make use self-destructive the most important  Want to access the full show notes? Click here to get em'.

Nov 22, 2016

The short and sweet of it:

Soul wellness is a very proactive and evolutionary approach to complete health and wellness. The idea is that you can become a better steward of your soul and empowers you to create a life of radiance. The soul is the essence of who we are! 

Soul health is all about cleaning out what is not working and then filling up with what will allow you to live nourished and enriched.

Learn more about soul health and access all the resources here.



Nov 15, 2016

The Short and Sweet of It

Episode 30: Are We Our Stories?

Do you ever wonder if you’ll escape your story or worry that you won’t be whole again after a tragic headline?  On today’s show we address just that question...are we our stories?  Learn how to learn how we can be whole even after we’ve been broken.

Listen in to learn the power of allowing our stories to be part of us. Click here to access the full shownotes! 

Nov 8, 2016

29: An Embodied Place with special guest Brodie Welch, L.Ac, LLC

On today’s show I talk with the brilliant Brodie Welch, L.Ac, LLC , a Licensed Acupuncturist, board-certified herbalist, Chinese Medicine expert, and self-care strategist. In this episode we explore how women continually override their bodies in an effort to do more, be more and accomplish more. We discuss the universal struggle with yang addiction and how to find breathe in simple meditation.  

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Nov 1, 2016

Episode 28: The Load We Carry

Today’s show is all about exploring the way we carry our burdens, our concerns and our worries.  We explore the power of exploring how we carry our load and the power of being able to take it off and sort through it.  I share about the ways I’ve found to release some of that emotional weight we don’t even realize we’re burdened by!

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Oct 25, 2016

Episode 27: The Wisdom in Our Voices with special guest Nicole Bonsol

On today’s show I talk with the talented Nicole Bonsol, singer/songwriter and writer/designer extraordinaire.  We explore the wisdom in our voices and how change doesn’t occur until we’re too uncomfortable not to change.

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Oct 18, 2016

Episode 26: Our Need to Rebuild-Together


On today’s show I talk with about my trip to LA to see Glennon Doyle Melton on her Together tour and the amazing takeaways that occurred for me.  We explore this idea of rebuilding...together and what it means for us as women.  I share about the insights I gathered from a “slowed down” weekend and how it transcends into my work, my home and my relationships.  


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Oct 11, 2016

Episode 25: Courage to be Vulnerable with special guest Mari Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S


On today’s show I talk with the amazing and courageous Mari Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S.  Mari Lee is recognized for her clinical work with male and female sex addicts, love and pornography addicts, as well as her groundbreaking work with spouses and partners of sex addicts.  Mari shares about the “Gift in the Wound” a platform that she has created through her own experiences, expertise and passion.  Her work is truly transformative and helps to encourage us all to find the courage in our vulnerability. She highlights the power of rising above and being able to create connection and healing after tragedy.

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Oct 4, 2016

Episode 24: Relationship with Time

On today’s show I break down our relationship with time and how to begin to be present in the moments we find ourself present in. And it’s not as confusing as it sounds.  I also share about how leggings have brought me inner peace!

Listen in on how to make time your friend and access the full show notes by clicking here! 

Sep 27, 2016

Episode 23: Happy with Baby with special guest Catherine O’Brien, LMFT

On today’s show I talk with the loving and kind Catherine O’Brien.  She helps couples create a plan to thrive during the transition into parenthood instead of just surviving.  During our interview she shares amazing tools and tips on managing the transition into parenthood as well as her own personal story into motherhood. She is open and bright and so full of knowledge.  Listen in to find out how to prepare for this amazing journey we call parenthood.

You can follow Catherine O’Brien  and her work at You can access the full shownotes here


Sep 20, 2016

Episode 22: No Matter What, You ARE Enough! 

Today’s show is about enoughness and how we can get stuck on the hamster wheel of being “deserving” of value.  Learn about the foundation of unconditional love and why it’s so important in your life.  And how we can create a safe haven for ourselves.

Listen in to hear about the amazing live events launching the Spring and how to get involved.  Want the full show notes? Click here to access them! 

Sep 13, 2016

Episode 21: Calming the Chaos Within ~ featuring special guest Shirani Pathak, LCSW


Today’s show is all about demystifying the term “inner child” and hearing from expert, Shirani Pathak, LCSW, founder and Director of the Relationship Center of Silicon Valley on her powerful work.  Shirani shares about the power of “inner child” work and has such an amazing way of creating hope to women around her.  You’re going to love listening to our conversation as I know I learned so much from it. 

You can follow Shirani Pathak and her work at and access the full show notes here!


Sep 6, 2016

20: Perspective: Friend or Foe?

Today’s show is finding perspective and the importance of peak to peak decisions. We explore the power of making mountaintop decisions and steps you can take to make more of them!  You even get to hear about my early college years as a pre med major!

Listen in to hear how we can all move to making mountaintop decisions! Click here to access the full show notes! 

Aug 30, 2016

Episode 19: Women, Anger and the Power of No

On today’s show I talk with the brilliant Michelle Farris, a licensed marriage and family therapist in San Jose, Ca.  Michelle specializes in working with women struggling with anger, substance abuse and relationships.  In this episode, Michelle describes how to have a healthy relationship with anger and the power of saying “no”.  Listen in to find out how you can identify and utilize your triggers for anger as a valuable too.

You can follow Michelle Farris and her work at

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Aug 26, 2016

The Short and Sweet of It

18:: Teaching Gratitude vs. Living with Gratitude

Today’s show is all about the difference between teaching with gratitude versus living with gratitude.  We create a deeper understanding of not only the power of our negative thoughts but why we tend to minimize gratitude practices.  I  include a great challenge for you on how to create gratitude as a more intentional and deliberate habit.  And of course share all the details about “LuckyGate”.

Listen in to hear how we’re bringing back Thank You Notes and the Berenstein Bears! And click here to access the full show notes! 

Aug 23, 2016

Episode 17: Getting Back to Basics-Affair Recovery

On today’s show I talk with the brilliant Amber Hawley, a licensed psychotherapist in Fremont Ca. Amber has a great expertise both personally and professionally of getting back to basics after trauma.  Her online based has an amazing Affair Repair program that is dedicated to the healing and recovery from infidelity and betrayal in a commited relationship.  

Amber does a masterful job of breaking down the complexities of affair recovery and shares about the importance of building a support system.  Listen in to find out how you can take small steps in healing from the trauma of affairs and infidelity.  

You can follow Amber Hawley and her work at or

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Aug 19, 2016

Episode 16: How to Create Ripple Effects

On today’s show I explore the burning question, Can one person really make a difference?  You may have heard me get emotional about this in Episode 12 and I wanted to spend an entire episode on how we can create ripple effects in our lives!

Listen in to see why not believing that change is possible has become one of my biggest pet peeves!

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Aug 16, 2016

Episode 15: Making Our Lives Sacred ~ with guest Dr. Lourdes Viado

On today’s show I talk with the graceful Dr. Lourdes Viado, a psychologist and marriage and family therapist in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Lourdes works with women in helping them to rediscover part of themselves they have lost or forgotten, to reconnect with their wants, needs, feelings, and to recreate a new way of being in the world that is aligned with who they are and what matters most to them.  She has an amazing gift of helping women discover their own acceptance and compassion. Listen in to find out how we can each work to make our own lives sacred.

You can follow Lourdes Viado and her work at

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Aug 12, 2016

On today’s show I share about the power of storytelling.  I had an amazing opportunity to contribute to a recent Wall Street Journal article and it’s all about storytelling.  I break down how storytelling connects us, heals us and bonds us.  I even weave in the great work of Brene Brown from her book Rising Strong.  


Listen in to hear about the connective power of storytelling and click here to access the full show notes! 

Aug 9, 2016

Episode 13: Courage in Starting Anew

On today’s show I talk with the courageous Stephanie Macadaan, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Southern California, about her personal journey in starting anew after divorce and her amazing work with women who are walking the same path.   

Stephanie’s openness and ability to create a supportive community is inspiring and she gives real life examples of navigating heartbreak and change, one breath at a time. In this episode, Stephanie describes how “perfection” is really just the willingness to show up and do life.  Listen in to find out how you can use meditation as tool to calm the chaos of a divorce.

You can follow Stephanie Macadaan and her work at

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Aug 5, 2016

Episode 12: This Is Little Light Of Mine    

On today’s show I talk about lightness versus darkness and how we can work together to create a ripple effect of all of our lights shining together.  I discuss how we can spread our light in the world and also prevent it from being blown out.

Listen in to hear about the power of letting your light shine!

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